The Human Body & Energy Medicine

Author: Dr. Delphine Suyoung Jeong

When I talk about energy medicine or energy healing, the question I often get with a great sense of skepticism is “Does it REALLY work? Is energy medicine scientific?”

I would like to take you through a brief history of medicine to help bring a grand perspective on the subject of energy healing.

Ancient Natural Medicine & Modern Science Medicine

Modern medicine, also known as Western medicine, emerged around the late 1800’s soon after the industrial revolution. The economic and industrial growth fueled novel discoveries in the functions of living organisms, and researchers established a logical system of discovery based on a series of theories, observation, and experiment through quantification. While there are multitude of positive benefits of modern medicine such as curing infection and advanced surgical techniques, this microscopic medical approach can lead to separation and division, viewing each body part and organ as a separate entity, rather than a living organism that functions as a unit.

What we refer to as natural, ancient or Eastern medicine such as acupuncture, energy medicine and homeopathy has existed since the beginning of humanity 30,000 years ago. Its approach is based on an understanding of a human being as one living organism that exists as a unit and as a part of greater nature. No single part is separate from the whole, everything is connected. It also recognizes not only a human’s physical aspect, but also other integral elements, such as the mind and the soul. It is a method that complements our true nature, without artificial and biochemical manipulation.

Energy Medicine

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it.” – Albert Einstein

Now this is where energy medicine (often known as reiki) becomes very scientific. Let’s refresh our memories from Chemistry and Biology 101.

In a human body, there are 100 trillion cells, and in one single cell, there are 100 trillion atoms. The constant flow of electrons creates energy, which sustains the atom, and thus the cells and the human body. This is Quantum physics.

Human Energy Field

Cell to cell communication is the basis of the physiological function of our body, and this communication is generated in the form of subtle energy. A collection of this subtle energy creates what’s called bio-field, or human energy field, commonly known as “aura.” This subtle energy is electromagnetic in nature. This action of subtle energy influences endocrine systems, immune function, tissue regeneration, and any regulatory mechanisms in mind-body function.

Energy Healing

Energy medicine is the use of these subtle energy fields to assess and treat energetic imbalances, bringing the body’s systems (psychological, neurological, cardiovascular, respiratory, endocrine, emotional etc) back to homeostasis.

Disturbances in these cellular energy patterns can lead to various diseases and aging processes. Stuck or unprocessed emotions, stress, unhealthy lifestyle, physical accidents etc. can cause disturbances in the energy field and alter the way our cells function. When cells are not functioning to its full capacity for an extended period of time is when we start to see symptoms in the physical body and the emotional body.

Therefore with energy medicine, aid in healing is achieved by bringing coherence. This harmonic energy allows the cells to wake up so they can function to their full capacity. I specifically say the word “aid” because complete healing may not be achieved with energy medicine alone, as there are many factors contributing to the disturbance of this energy flow as previously mentioned. A coherent energy pattern is essential in maintaining the health and wellness of the physical body, the mind, and the emotion.

Recognizing the function of the human energy field is the first step to understanding our human body as a whole, uniting the body, mind, and soul. Not just the physiology.

Modern scientific approach in medicine revolutionized the fields of infectious diseases and emergencies to help cure, and continue to improve the quality of our life.

However, modern medicine and pharmaceutics, an industry worth more than 1 trillion dollars, go hand in hand. With this fact in mind, I invite you to question why ancient healing methods, which are deeply rooted in the natural healing potential as human beings and what nature naturally provides, have been forgotten. Why are these methods being excluded from the system of health care despite its philosophy based on the depth of knowledge and science of the human body? According to the Oxford Dictionary, the definition of science is the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behavior of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.

Integration of the East and the West, and the ancient and the modern is the secret to bring harmony in all that we are.