Project Description


“Everything is energy

and that’s all there is to it”
-Albert Einstein

Q: What is energy medicine?

A: Energy medicine is a natural healing method that existed since the beginning of humanity approximately 30,000 years ago. Energy medicine (reiki) practitioner channels the universal life force, which is unconditional love at its root, to release any energetic blocks in the human energy field in order to bring balance and harmony to your whole being so you can shine in your true and authentic essence. There has been continuous efforts in the scientific field to quantify the benefits of energy medicine through research.

Q: How does energy medicine work?

A: Behind our existence in this physical form we are all energy. We eat food to sustain the physical existence in this human form that we are. The food become the fuel for all that we experience through this vehicle- to fuel the mind, body and the soul.

Cells in our body are vibrating at a certain level constantly absorbing and emitting energy. Our emotions and consciousness are also energy in the most basic quantum physics level. Every emotion we feel have a particular frequency of energy behind it.

When the energy is not circulating properly within our mind-body-soul unit, there are signs that can easily be detected.

Common contributors of energetic blockages: stress/ emotional traumas/ unprocessed emotions (energy in motion)/ poor nutrition- processed food, food with low nutritional value, pesticides & preservatives/ lack of physical activity/ environmental pollution and toxicity/ physical injury

Common signs of energetic blockages: low energy level/ increased stress, worry and anxiety/ triggered emotions/ fear of any kind and, or lack of faith/ lack of confidence and self-worth/ inability to speak your mind/ poor communication/ difficulty opening up to others/ certain persistent physical illnesses that may not be cured by conventional modern medicine.

Q: What can I gain from an energy healing session?

A: Energetic blockages are removed allowing your energy to flow naturally with fluidity. Energetic debris from other people and situations are removed. As a result, your energy becomes aligned with your true essence and your Soul can shine in your authenticity. Becoming aligned with your own energy also means gaining more clarity in your life’s purpose and mission. Negative energies are transmuted to positive energies bringing you deep relaxation, inner peace and calmness.

Q: Are there any side effects?

A: Energy medicine is a very gentle and safe form of healing method. It works with your own subtle energy body to the degree that your intelligent energetic system allows. So it can never produce any harm and that is the beauty of it. After a session you might expect anything from a deep relaxation and quality sleep to profound physical, emotional and spiritual transformation all depending on the level of healing you allow and your openness.