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Past Life Regression Therapy

Q: What is past life regression therapy?

A: This method of therapy is tremendously helpful when events or emotions from the past is preventing you from living your current life fully even after trying conventional methods such as psychotherapy, group therapy, couple’s therapy etc.

There’s a common theme when the problem you are experiencing in fact stems from your childhood, fetal or past life.

  • Repeated troubled relationships. That could be relationships with your family members, your friends, lovers, certain material goods or substances. i.e. repeatedly getting into abusive relationships, continuous divorce, substance addition etc.
  • Unexplained fear or phobia, such as fear of drowning, fear of death, fear or intimacy, fear of spiders etc.
  • Behavioral pattern: OCD, anger triggers.

Q: How is it done?

A: practitioner would guide the client to access memories that are normally blocked and stored in the subconsciousness. Once the blocked memories and emotion are accessed, they are released from the energetic and mental system, as if removing or uninstalling a software you were running based off of.